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Server & Storage

Skytech's Provide following types of server solution 

    • Application server, a server dedicated to running certain software applications
    • Catalog server, a central search point for information across a distributed network
    • Communications server, carrier-grade computing platform for communications networks
    • Database server, provides database services to other computer programs or computers
    • Fax server, provides fax services for clients
    • File server, provides file services
    • Game server, a server that video game clients connect to in order to play online together
    • Home server, a server for the home
    • Name server or DNS
    • Print server, provides printer services
    • Proxy server, acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers
    • Sound server, provides multimedia broadcasting, streaming.
    • Standalone server, an emulator for client–server (web-based) programs
    • Web server, a server that HTTP clients connect to in order to send commands and receive responses along with data contents